Crown molding installation is best left to a professional handyman who has the right knowledge, skills, tools and expertise. Attempting to consider this as a DYI project may cause more harm than good to your home.
A professional handyman can handle any architectural design to successfully install crown moldings to reflect the personal style of your home.
Of all molding types, crown molding is the most difficult to install. This is so because it can be difficult to cut the crown molding to its correct angles. Not properly cutting the crown molding is the most common mistake when installing crown molding as a DIY project.
A professional handyman, however knows the right precision to cut crown molding in the correct angles so it will perfectly fit the gap between the ceiling and walls.

Crown Molding Repair

Your crown molding may need some repairs after some years of use or immediately after installation if you attempted to do the installation yourself and did not do it right.
Repairing flaws in your crown molding is not a labor and time intensive task. If done by a professional handyman the job can be completed in less than an hour.
Only a severely damaged crown molding needs to be replaced otherwise only repairs are needed. When replacement is needed, only the damaged portion of the wall is to be replaced.
Here are some common crown molding flaws and how they can be repaired by a handyman:

  • Large gap between ceiling or wall and the crown molding. Applying latex caulk can easily fill up these gaps. Your handyman will use a caulk gun to spread caulk on the gaps.
  • Gaps nail holes and dents. These flaws can be easily remedied with the application of wood putty or drywall mud. If your crown molding is painted, drywall mud is used. If you have stained crown moldings, use stainable wood putty.

Wood putty and drywall mud can be easily molded in any desired shape. They need to be left to dry for at least 24 hours after application to the gaps and holes.

  • Severely damaged crown molding. If crown molding was cut shorter than intended or is severely damaged, replacement is the only option.

Crown Molding In Boca Raton

Your handyman will find or create a mold that matches the design of the crown molding to be replaced.

Only the damaged portion is replaced and not the entire crown molding. Crown moldings add a lot of value and visual interest to your home. Make sure to hire our professional handyman in Boca Raton for its installation and repair to reap the full benefits of this type of molding. Call us at 561-600-0776 or send us an e-mail at [email protected], we are happy to assist you in anyway possible!