While it can sometimes be difficult, in most instances stucco can be repaired. When it is impossible to repair stucco, removal and restoration are the best options. This scenario happens when initial stucco issues have been neglected for a long time.

Stucco repair involves the process of finding stucco issues, fixing these issues and filling the damage area with additional stucco material. Stucco repair categorically includes the fixing of the damage but not dealing with the cause of the damage.

Stucco Repair

This description of stucco repair has now been widened to include dealing with the cause before actually going on with the repairs.

While there are a lot of stucco maintenance and repairs that you can do, most of the repairs should be done by a licensed handyman most especially issues dealing with water damage and cracks.

Small stucco issues without any molds or structural damage can be a DIY project. When there are already numerous cracks especially near door, windows and the roof; water damage as evidence by indentations and soft spots and water damage causing the stucco to crumble, it is always wise to call your handyman to do stucco repair.

It is important for stucco repairs to be done properly. When not done properly, stucco repairs can lead to bigger issues. The thing is, there is no way of knowing how big the damage is from how the stucco wall or siding looks from the outside.


Early detection and addressing of the issue are keys to a successful stucco repair to avoid removal and restoration.

Recognizing and knowing about the various types of cracks on the stucco walls and sidings allow you to know what exactly are happening beneath the stucco walls and sidings. Stucco issues when not immediately repaired can cost you several thousands of dollars in home damage.

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